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A plug-in module is a dust and moisture resistant box that plugs into the machine.  It analyzes the ECU signals and alters them.  This alteration occurs in the injector opening times.  The increase or decrease in injector timing allows the fuel rate to be modified resulting in more precise power and torque.

  • No change in ECU programming

  • Ease of installation and removal

  • Reduce operating cost

  • No increase in common rail pressure

Offering modules from DTE

  • World's leading diesel tuning systems manufacturer with over 2,000 applications

  • Great price point

  • German quality engineering

  • Premier name in the Diesel engine tuning market

What is a plug-in module?

Adaptive Sensor System

The Adaptive Sensor System scrutinizes all the relevant engine data after detecting its respective load state, will provide more power when necessary.  Should the driver demand more power, the system will automatically switch on.   If the additional power is not used, the system will gradually reduce the power.  Most of the modules are activated once the load demand is above 75%.  The RPM and corresponding injector lengths gives the chip an idea as to the engine load demand.  If the injector lengths are low in terms of their maximum injection length at a specific RPM, then the power would not be added.

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